Introducing: Wooden Teeth

This post is about Wooden Teeth, the band now playing with me.
Sometime last december I met Henrik Oja and he told me he wanted to work with me. As we were both a bit drunk I thought he thought I was somebody else. He didn’t. Later we began recording some songs to try it out. We recorded three and besides us two on guitars and whatever was laying around, Mats Hammarström and Daniel Berglund played bass and drums. Frida Johansson of Väärt played violin and Ola Lidström of Syket played horns. The recordings were great but we decided we needed to play the songs live and asked Daniel and Mats to join. They did and the name this band wanted for themselves was Wooden Teeth. It might have something to do with age, I don’t know.


Here we now are, rehearsing new songs, gearing up for the release of Wolfrunner, and getting ready for new recordings.
I really admire Mats and Daniel for their work in Isolation Years (the band I adored and wanted to be in, eight years ago) and the great band Säkert!. Henriks work in Säkert! and some of his more obscure projects is something extremely respectfull to me as well. These people are responsible for some great music you’ve heard over the last years and will hear in the future. I’m sure. And it’s a humbling and awesome oppurtunity that I get to partake in.

Thank you awfully.
/Patrik Emanuel Backlund

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